Digital scoreboard
– experience to both spectators and players


Benefits of Jidoka’s digital scoreboard are expectional when comparing to old scoreboard solutions and huge scoreboard systems. Old scoreboards are limited with opportunities and they can be used only to serve one or few different sports. Big scoreboard systems usually require room full of people to operate it, and huge amount of cable work to connect.

With Jidoka’s scoreboard system anyone can control the score and media with ease. Touchscreen based interface is easy to use and superfast, mistakes can be correct instantly and anyone can learn to use it in minutes. The interface has been designed to be user-friendly as possible, and it doesn’t require vast and difficult manuals to handle it. Case studies and user interface research have been done to to make it most user-friendly in fast sport events eg. ice hockey.


Modern software can adjust to any sport
  • multisport, can be selected from touchscreen, when scoreboard’s visuals and layout changes to specific sport
  • scoreboard can be also used as advertising billboard in matches/games/tournaments and different events


Gives a new way for sponsors and lower fees for players
  • spectators and users will watch the screen, therefor it’s extremely good advertising space
    • ability to advertise and give useful information, also when match or event is over
    • selling advertisement to screen will pay back – quickly!
  • More profit for clubs and hobby activities by selling ads, which will help lowering season fee

Easy to use

Controll every aspcet with only one touchpad, without fear of errors (multiple touchpads also possible)
  • anyone can use our scoreboard system without reading manuals. Everyone in sport venue can use it and enjoy the experience
    • Even junior teams can use screen when playing. Giving them experience they won’t forget!
  • touchscreen based control device, can control multiple screens and change quickly to different sport
  • changes to scores and different situations can be made quickly, even made mistakes can be correct instantly


Take on account players in different levels
  • emphasizes community and audience by giving amazing fan experience
    • GOAL, hype, atmosphere and player introduction -videos gives unique experience for even younger players
  • possibility to control music and media from touchscreen, even outside game events
  • possibility to more vast usage on different events. Turn your scoreboard to eg. livestream screen, event screen etc.
  • engages hobbyists better in the activity and gives truly equal opportunity to everyone in sport venue to use the scoreboard system


Only creativity is limit
  • sky is the only limit, when speaking of creativity and using our scoreboard system
    • player introduction and goal scorer -videos
    • getting the audience pumped
    • giving useful information to spectators
    • media files can be played during the game
  • makes playing more attractive, in different levels, when player introduction videos can be displayed with team created music and video materials and even goal horns can be custom
  • full package include default goal -video, horn -sound and scoreboard modern design, which can be customized to home teams colors



Out- and indoors


Own network
Can be installed to existing LED screen
Easy to use touchscreen controller or separate controllers, one for scoreboard and one for fan experience


Can be customized to customers venue


Depends on the screen size and pixel pitch


Get more revenue with advertising – Team ads
Seamless picture with LED’s
Easy to use
All media and scoreboard can be controlled by one single person

LED näytöt toimittaa - tulostaulu havainnekuva

Why choose Jidoka Scoreboard?

Satisfied customers

Ilmatar Areena, Espoo, Finland

Double screen arena with huge mainscoreboard x1
Ice hockey arenas x 2
Multisport hall x 1
Lobby x 1

Ilmatar Areena tulostaulut
Digitaalinen tulostaulu - Espoon Matinkylän Ilmatar Areena
Ilmatar Areena tulostaulut
Ilmatar Areena tulostaulut

Äänekoski jäähalli, Finland

Double screen scoreboard system x 1
Multiple small screens

Äänekosken jäähalli - digitaalinen tulostaulu
LED-näytöt Jidokalta - Äänekoski Tulostaulu ja mainosnäyttö
Äänekosken jäähalli - digitaalinen tulostaulu ja ohjaustabletti

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